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Be an honest citizen. Pay your Taxes.
Be a Smart Citizen. Save unnecessary taxes and become Rich.
Take advantage of various Government regulations and Invest money in the right, Tax Efficient Investment Instruments. Reap Rich rewards in the long run.

  • Section 80C

    Under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, you can Invest upto Rs 1,50,000 every year and Save Tax.

  • Potential Tax Savings

    If you are in 30% tax bracket and you Invest Rs 1,50,000 per year, your total Tax Savings would be Rs 46,350.

  • Tax Saving Investment Options

    There are various options available to you, to save tax under section 80C of Income tax Act, like Public Provident Fund (PPF), National Savings Certificate (NSC), 5-Year FD, Insurance Policy, and ELSS Mutual Funds / Tax Saving Mutual Funds

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Get Rich!!

  • Your Strategy

    How can you get Super Rich just by Saving Tax?
    When you save Rs 46,350 every year by Investing for Tax Saving, Returns / Gains made from some of these Investments are Taxed and some arenot Taxed.
    If you make Best Investment Choice for Saving Tax, that compounds year on year faster than others. You Get Rich!!

  • What you Need to Do?

    Compounding Power of Money is the 8th Wonder in this World. One who Understands Compounding Earns it, One who does not Pay it - Albert Einstein
    Anyway, you have to Invest Rs 1,50,000 every year to Save Tax. If you are doing it for many years, your strategy has to be Simple and Sensible. Easy to execute and Monitor.
    Invest Rs 12,500 every month in a systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) of Best Mutual Funds available that gives you returns of 12% - 15% or higher.

  • What will you Achieve?

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Did you know you could Pay School Donation by Saving Tax?
Do you need to worry about Children School Fee Payment after Saving Tax?
How can you prepare for Children Collage Payment by Saving Tax?
Can you Clear off your Home Loan by Saving Tax?
Could you Retire Rich just by Saving Tax?

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Your Best Tax Saving Option


When compared to these traditional tax savings instruments, an Equity Linked Savings Scheme Mutual Fund (ELSS MFs) is more opportunistic for you, as it provides a shorter lock-in period of three years and potential for higher returns, which are exempt from taxes.

These Tax Saver Mutual Funds Invest in Equity (Stock Market). So, potential to get higher returns is greater. With these Mutual Funds you have to stay invested for 3 years to get Tax Benefits, Equity Investing volatility can be overcome.

  • ELSS Mutual Funds

    So, what is your Choice?
    ELSS Mutual Funds provide opportunities aimed at harnessing the benefits of investing in equity and also providing tax benefits.
    These Tax Saving Mutual Funds have proven track records over many years to provide great returns for Investors.

  • What are ELSS Mutual Funds?

    ELSS Funds are also Equity Mutual Funds. You can get Tax Exemption under Section 80C by Investing only in ELSS MFs (not in other Mutual Funds).

  • Why ELSS Mutual Funds?

    Amongst all the available Tax Saving Investment Options available, ELSS Funds have least Lock-In period - 3 Years only.
    ELSS MFs are Exempt Exempt Exempt (EEE) Instruments ie withdrawal of returns / gains made in the end are not taxable.
    ELSS MFs superior Returns Beat Inflation. You get good stock picking by professional and experienced Fund managers. ELSS Funds are Transparent Products. These Mutual Funds are your avenue of Low cost Investing into Equities.

Invest in Best Tax Saving Funds

Best Tax Saver Mutual Funds

  • How to Choose Best Section 80C Mutual Funds?

    Fund’s Historical Performance Consistency
    Fund’s ability to cushion Stock Market Down trend
    Fund Manager Performance in in other Equity Funds
    Fund House Equity Fund Performance

  • ELSS Mutual Funds Returns

    Generally, you can expect 12% - 15% returns from ELSS Funds over long period of 5 - 8 years.

  • How to benefit from Tax Savings Investments?

    You can Map these Investments Returns to your Future Goals

savetaxgetrich savetaxgetrich

Tax Saver Mutual Funds Open ended Mutual Funds, you can make Investment in them any time. Once Investment made in Tax Saver Mutual Funds, its locked for 3 years (you can not withdraw before that). However, you can opt for dividend option to get some money back when dividends are declared.

Invest in Top Tax Saving Funds

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